Action Organic Biodegradable Non-Toxic Cleaners and Degreasers


Action Organic’s water-based degreasers and cleaners are better for the environment and better for you.


Our highly effective aqueous formulations are designed for industrial and heavy consumer use. These biodegradable solutions have no hazardous chemicals that cause cancer or environmental harm … so they make an excellent substitute for your existing solvent-based and terpene-based cleaners and degreasers, which carry some health risks and are not hazard-free.

Hazard-Free Cleaners and Degreasers for Industrial, Marine and Automotive Applications

Action Organic offers a full line of concentrated cleaning and degreasing products including all-purpose household, window, septic tank, and precious metal cleaners; chlorine-free metal working coolants; and decalcifiers. All products are biodegradable and hazard-free to eliminate your risk of exposure to toxic chemicals. Your workplace and your employees will be safer using Action Organic products.

Our MC Concentrates are used by professionals and heavy user enthusiasts in the automotive, aircraft, marine, and locomotive industries. They are available direct from Action Organics or online from or

MC Concentrates are Better for the Environment and for You

All Action Organic MC Concentrates, regardless of formulation or application, are 100% organic compounds in a water base, and they contain no cancer-causing chemicals. Our concentrates won’t harm metal surfaces or parts, they inhibit corrosion, and their cationic and anionic surfactants are not harmful to enzymes.

You can read our full MSDS sheets and product specifications on our Products page.

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